In the real world it’s obvious ya can’t trust anyone when buying a car online site unseen. But this export car buyer from Moscow RU got ripped off and is being attacked by eBay Motors forum trolls!

Got a tweet earlier alerting me to this eBay Motors forum discussion.

Hi all, i From Moscow, i have many deals on ebay motors, i buy every 2 weeks new rare car on ebay. I sick and tired about swindlers on ebay motors and fraudulent listings.

We all need to changes in ebay rules with listings. The main trick for seller how hide flaws of car this is small ebay pics!!!!

For example check this “Beautiful Cadillac” 140877607358.

And check the real condition pics, that made my partner from Boston, MA.

I can give you many examples, i think that you all know about this, Why ebay still this haos with listings???

Obviously the buyer is correct, this is in my personal opinion, just an old turd. Stand far away and take a few photos and just say it’s beautiful. 🙄

From this cars eBay Motors listing: Awesome Condition 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible – original – $6,900 best offer (NEED TO SELL ASAP) – FEW THOUSAND OFF REGULAR ASKING

This is the most honest listed classic car. – ENJOY THE SUMMER MONTHS IN THIS HEAD TURNER

1971 Classic Cadillac Eldorado Convertible – Only 54XXX Miles – BODY IS SOLID AND STRAIGHT

You are Bidding on a classic cadillac. This car is in great shape and runs perfect. motor does not burn any oil and transimission shifts perfectly. No leaks at all!

Car has the distinguished 500CI engine -same one used for running out at Pace Car events. Its a pure beauty! You won’t find a cleaner one for the price anywhere! Shop around to see for your self!

Starts up everytime. I bought the car from Texas where it has resided for the past 37 years. Never seen snow or New England Road Salt.

Car is garaged Constantly and has only seen rain 2 times since I have owned it. This car turns head everywhere I take it. I have driven the car 300 miles straight on a trip and ran perfectly always.

Paint is still great. Body is completely straight. only 2 very small almost unnoticable dings in body – You can’t see it unless you grab a flashlight and really try to find them. 

All original body panels.

Interior is near perfect for its age. Has original dash clock that still works. Not one crack in seats. Small crack in driver side door panel arm rest. All lights work – interior etc… Car is inspected – Drives perfect as well. Never find a ride like this for this price.

It’s really quite simple. If you find a car on the Internet for sale, better inspect it first. Sellers will outright lie and exaggerate the cars condition hoping a sucker will buy it and have it shipped home without looking it over.

There are inspection services that will inspect a car for a fee. An inspection is worth every penny you pay to ensure the car is what the seller claims it is.

As for complaining about getting shafted on a message forum, you are just opening yourself up to intimidation by the forums regular participants. Often said to be company shills under cover as a private individual. Goes on all the time.

1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible - Buyers Complaint About Photos - On eBay Motors Forums - Salez4u

Spare yourself the pain of buying a misrepresented vehicle online and being intimidated by forum posters. Inspect FIRST Before Bidding! And read Doc’s Internet Car Buying Tips before beginning any Internet vehicle transaction. The ASS you save will probably be your own!