Looks like eBay is retiring the old eBay Motors and forcing the new site to be the only choice There’s  a lot of griping HERE on the eBay Motors Discussion Board.

Doc hears there are Issues with it’s speed and load time – and lots of complaints about the search operation. He is on Road Runner 5mb and have a fairly fast computer – so he don’t really notice the speed issues.  And it seems most of the search complaints are for collector car and vintage parts. Unfortunately he has no clue about that either – so it would be nice to hear from anyone having problems in that area.

One thing Doc does know is Car Sales Stink on eBay Motors. Autotrader.com is delivering both local and export buyers, so it’s not the economy that’s effecting EBM Sales.

It is my belief that John Donahoe suspended so many of his long time members for minor selling policy violations. These sellers were also good buyers!

A lot more were suspended when eBay changed the feedback to an annual vrs lifetime percentage.  Like this guy was heard screaming at the last eBay Live “you put them out of business overnight” Then there was the DSR fiasco that cost more good sellers their membership.

Doc read on Ina Steiner’s Blog where eBay is giving buyers incentive to give sellers bad ratings, by offering a discount coupon for their next purchase.

Updated 09/23/2013: It appears eBay is beta testing yet another eBay Motors design.

Possibly even doing away with eBay Motors completely and moving the cars to eBay core.


What are your comments on the NEW & Improved eBay Motors?