Doc has noticed scammers are now also using Amazons brand name targeting car buyers in the net. eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection is still the preferred method.

The eBay Warehouse
The eBay Motors Escrow Warehouse

To qualify for this VPP protection you MUST be a REGISTERED eBay Member, and either Officially Win an Auction on eBay Motors, OR through purchasing a Vehicle by clicking the BUY NOW Button on a legitimate eBay Motors Fixed Price BUY NOW Listing!

Furthermore. Let it be known that there is only one eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection plan (VPP), and that is provided by eBay for buyers ofsome of the vehicles listed on eBay Motors“. Not all Years, Makes, and Models are covered. CLICK HERE FOR THE EBAY VPP FINE PRINT!

I get emails regularly from folks asking about Craigslist eBay VPP details. Now the scammers are using in their scams claiming Amazon holds the money, yada, yada, yada. This is a SCAM!

Neither eBay or Amazon act as escrow agents for sellers. If the VEHICLE PRICE IS DIRT CHEAP – IT’S A SCAM! If you fall for this scam you will loose your money! Plain and Simple!!

Be especially aware of any second chance offer you receive after loosing an auction, it could be fraudulent. Never send even a small deposit until you have confirmed the validity of the offer by contacting the seller through the eBay message center. If a second chance offer is not in your eBay MY Messages it could very well be fraudulent as well. Proceed with caution!

In this actual scammers eBay Invoice for a vehicle – the goal of the scam is to sucker the mark out of an $8450 deposit by bank wire transfer. This scam however has a double whammy twist to it – the fraudsters request you call a toll free number to confirm your purchase. Doing that will get your Identity Stolen as well as your money!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

eBay Second Chance Offer Scam That Will Phish Your Identity AND Steal Your Money!

Just Beware These Scams Are VERY REAL And VERY DANGEROUS. If your not careful you could wind up making payments for years on a vehicle you never received and never owned!

The FBI Recently Cracked Down on Scammers Hawking eBay VPP Fraud!

Scammers Are Using This FAKE Chat Room in an attempt to add legitimacy to their fraud. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! 

This 1967 Olds 442 W30 is a Scammers Auction. The cars REAL Owner (a licensed dealer) can’t get eBay to remove the scam listing!

eBay Facilitates Fraud By Refusing To Remove Scam Auctions.

If you fall for Sucker Bait like this – you WILL Loose Your Money!

Meet – Ghiuri Simionescu… Teenage Romanian Scammer!

romanian scammer 3

Pictured with his Father Below..

romanian car scammer 1

Trust Me.. Don’t Give Your Money To, Ghiuri Simionescu!