eBay is offering sellers pay-per-click advertising through it’s partner network. Doc wonders if this has anything to do with eBay sellers listing and keywords not being visible through any normal off site search.

In Doc’s previous post he did a series of tests on eBay Motors Vehicles VIN Searches. Doc recently conducted more tests on eBay Motors searching for sellers phone numbers, names, etc, in the listing body and didn’t come up with hardly anything.

He needed a right rear window regulator for an 2001 Cadillac Deville and did a Google search for the part, Several online stores came up first, one being partstrain.com that had it for 58.00 including shipping. Further down the page there was two eBay results, one store did not have it, and the other had it but complete with the motor (that i did not need) for 160.00! No Thanks!

So Doc’s question is, Is best match allowing the high price item to become visible because they make more off of it? I did find another seller on eBay selling just the regulator but for 74.00. eBay just held a webanar for Diamond & Titanium Power Sellers. Naturally Doc was not invited.

But Ina Steiner Published This Article on what eBay sellers need to do to get the best placement.

eBay said the key criterion for auction-style format was Time Ending Soonest (“we love auctions,” it said), while for Fixed Price format, the key criterion was Recent Sales. eBay said “price really matters” and devoted two slides to show how sellers need to actively manage their prices to compete. (See Thursday’s AuctionBytes Blog post for more information.)

An associate of Doc’s was selling 20-30 cars per month on eBay Motors with Fixed Price and when eBay made Best Match the default his sales just stopped. It was like someone shut the key off.

Doc is wondering if the lack of normal outside search on eBay sellers items is tied to best match blocking the crawlers out? I know for a fact that many buyers find vehicles on EBM through Google search, or at least did find them. Is this part of a plan for eBay to sell keyword advertising to desperate sellers who feel they have nowhere else to go?

I have set up a thread on our Discussion Board to further discuss this situation. I appreciate any eBay Vehicle Sellers comments, and welcome all eBay buyers and sellers to join in on the discussion.

Thank you.. 😉