Another crappy deal on the Web’s Once #1 Automotive Website – eBay Motors.

Doc had to screen grab this thread on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board for kicks. From how i read it, the buyer thought he was getting a good deal. But that cheap price for a Volvo XC90 from Massachusetts was apparently rougher than a night in a MA Jail. Hmmmmm… 🙂

The buyer got the usual 3rd degree from the board regulars – but is holding his own. It’s turned into somewhat of a bar brawl with 10 pages and over 150 posts in a few short hours!  Here is a link to the discussion board thread. Wonder how long this thread will last before eBay pulls it?

Anyway on to the buyers problem. When eBay suspends a seller (NARU) they wipe the system of that sellers 60 days of sales history. So if someone has a problem with a transaction and needs a print out or screen grab they are stuck like chuck! Sometimes a cashed listing can be pulled from a web search, but not with this listing.

Best bet if buying a vehicle on eBay Motors is to have it inspected if you are not within driving distance. Oh well another nail driven into the eBay coffin by John Donahoe who has ran most of his good sellers off. But it don’t really matter anyway.. J.D. will probably soon spin PayPal off on it’s own IPO, then who cares what happens to the rotting carcass of eBay that’s left behind!

eBay Motors – In a strong westerly wind you can smell the stench all the way to Florida! LOL!