eBay Item Number: 320499691440 has been running for nearly 6 Days out of a 7 Day Auction. It changes from an Auction to a BUY NOW after redirecting to harmonyebay.com where if you click that BUY NOW BUTTON it authenticates your confidential eBay user name and password and gives the scammer your eBay info.

From there the scammer will be sending you fake eBay emails instructing you to bank wire the money to the eBay Agent assigned to your transaction. This eBay Agent is somebody that fell for a work from home scam and accepts payment, keeps their 10-20% commission, then wire the balance to another party. The scammer will probably rinse the funds several times to cover his tracks.

Long story short – If you fall for this scam your money is gone! eBay will deny this ever existed and their VPP will not cover it either! So if you stumble on one of these redirect scams on eBay or eBay Motors don’t send the money to the scammer!

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