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Payment method to be cover by Ebay Vehicle Purchase Protection
Oct 15, 2012 05:57 PM


I bought a used car with Buy Now option which required $500 instant payment through Paypal which I made.

How could I make the rest of the payment (about $4300) to be covered by ebay VPP plan?

Can I do a wire transfer from my local lending bank to the sellers’ account # provided? Is it safe to be covered? I am a little nervous.

(Buyer’s feedback is over 1200 positive, not all cars, sold several cars recently)

Full Payment is required within 3 days and he stated that he will give me his account # and overnight the title when receive the full payment.

(I will be using the shipper to pick up as we are about 1800 miles apart.)

Thank you!

Just jumping in with both feet by committing to an Immediate PayPal Deposit is not a wise thing to do unless you have had the vehicle inspected, and verified the title is clear of any liens and is legally the sellers car to sell (titled in the sellers name – or an authorized licensed motor vehicle dealer.)

And as the locals of the forum have stated, check out the sellers feedback with Toolhaus.org and purchase a vehicle history report. It has been my experience that CarFax is the best vehicle history report money can buy. The other major player Experion AutoCheck as a rule does not show a lot of vehicle service and maintenance history.

Another good database to check is free and is operated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau that i always advise folks to do a VIN check of a vehicle they are interested in purchasing.

From my experience as a licensed vehicle dealer northern cars of this ones age can have severe rust problems. Not counting 13 years of northern driving. Many folks down south and out west have no clue how harsh a northern winter can be on a car.

Always Inspect a vehicle FIRST before committing to purchase it. It’s obvious that this buyer didn’t know that eBay Motors VPP only covers vehicles up to 10 years in age, and even then has so many loop holes it looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.

Also be advised that Vehicle Deposits via PayPal are NON Refundable. So if you send a deposit and the deal goes sour, the only way out is if you funded your PayPal deposit with a credit card, and can file a charge back with your card company.

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Payment method to be cover by Ebay Vehicle Purchase Protection - eBay Motors Forums
Payment method to be cover by Ebay Vehicle Purchase Protection – eBay Motors Forums