These are the same 2007 Chevy Tahoe Photos that scammers used last month to redirect potential car buyers OFF eBay to a Fraudsters Trap.

One user lost $15,200 to the same scam last month. eBay told her it was an off eBay deal and they would not cover it under their Vehicle Purchase Program. She was even told by eBay’s Live Help it was legitimate and covered under their vehicle purchase protection program.

That’s a lot of money to loose!┬áCan you imaging making payments for several years because you never received the car? I’d hate to be in this buyers shoes.

Ina Steiner of reported on the last one i found. She contacted eBay Motors, who sent her back a typical eBay PR Response.

eBay Motors is constantly and proactively monitoring the site to prevent and address possible fraudulent behavior. As part of this monitoring, eBay Motors has identified recent redirect issues and has implemented specific safety measures, including updating our detection systems with a filter to identify this particular behavior. These additional protections should supplement smart shopping habits, including reviewing seller ratings, communicating with sellers and confirming transaction details through My eBay before making a purchase, and never paying for a vehicle via instant cash-transfer methods.

eBay Motors also offers free vehicle history reports and a Vehicle Purchase Protection program for transactions that occur on the site, to help ensure the 10 million visitors coming to the site each month interact in a safe, trusted marketplace.

I was able to use a bogus eBay User ID and Password that was promptly rejected by the scam site “” In Austria. It’s one thing to get redirected to a fake website – but to have that fake website authenticate your eBay credentials is another!

Updated 03/13/2010: Here is a follow up video showing this scam listing still running Saturday Morning. As of around 3:00 PM EST it was still up and had well over 5000 Page Views!

It is not unusual for eBay Scams to run longer on the weekends. They obviously do not have staffers on duty during weekends. Here is an article Doc published in 2007 showing Meg Whitman’s lack of weekend staffers, as scammers overrun the venue.

How many more eBay Victims will have to be scammed before eBay takes responsibility for it’s website, and secures it from hackers and fraudsters?