Here is another low profile collector car scam on eBay Motors. 1936 LaSalle coupe. It looks like the same car scam that Doc captured back in December 2009.

Scammers are now trying to maintain a low profile to stay in business on eBay Motors. They list a car like this one with a single photo, and start the bidding low. They hope you will contact them and request more photos and information about the car. If the bids get too high the scammers simply cancel them.

The whole idea of this low profile scam is to try and fly under eBay’s radar. If you swallow their sucker bait hook line and sinker, they will be sending you fake eBay vehicle protection program emails that look like they came from eBay – but they are sent by the scammers!

eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection does not cover off site scams like this one! So Don’t Feed The Scammers!