Looks like eBay Live 2008 Was A Big Flop. This eBay members post on eBay’s eBay Live Discussion Board Was Priceless.

My husband and I were so disillusioned with the conference that we went home on Friday morning. We purchased priority passes for the second year and we had even reserved our hotel room almost a year in advance. We were truly looking forward to it! Going in we knew that things would definitely be different than in years past – (this was our third Live)- especially after all the changes made earlier in the year “for the collective good of the company”.

When we arrived at the convention center and it was unusually empty. We thought that we would have to wait in line for our materials, but we walked right up. We got to the exhibition hall and it was practically empty. I kept saying to my husband, where’s the rest of the vendors, is there another area? There were plenty of eBay and Paypal employees on hand, but very few regular vendors.

Our first trip to eBay Live was in Las Vegas. We really weren’t sure what to expect and we didn’t realize all the conference had to offer. Boston was different. We really did our homework and attended many of the classes and seminars. There were roundtable discussions on many different selling categories in eBay and so many choices, it was hard to decide. Chicago was a completely different story. The class and seminar choices had really been pared down and there wasn’t anything new and unique. We saw Seth Godin and he lacked his usual enthusiasm and his “spontaneous jokes” were the same as last year.

When we talked to some of the eBay personnel, they seemed very hesitant to engage in a conversation about the recent changes – I wonder why. After we did talk to them, they were very friendly and helpful. It was much easier to access them this year — because nobody was there!

Everybody we spoke to had their talking points down perfectly and rarely did they stray from them. There was a true lack of enthusiasm that has been there in the past from both attendees, the vendors and the Bay crew.

One day was more than enough. We were lucky because we were able to drive to the conference… I pity those who had to fly in and stay for the duration.

We listened to the Town Hall meeting and the Keynote speech when we got home. They tried to appear sympathetic, but it seemed like they were really saying … I’m sorry that you feel that way.

Three nights at a Chicago hotel… $850
Two EBay registration with priority passes…$450
Gas and Tolls… $60
Our eBay Live experience…..worthless!

This post on Yahoo’s eBay Finance Discussion Board was really funny.

Mr. Donahoe, who officially succeeded Meg Whitman in March, said he was not fazed by the attention. “The good news is Meg prepared me well for this,” he said. “I will say at one point in the first quarter I got an email from my mother that said, ‘John, eBay sellers may not love you, but your mother does.’

Meanwhile Back On eBay – Sleazy Buyers Are Negging Defenseless Sellers! 😡

Sleasy Buyers Are Negging Defenceless Sellers!

And The Romanians Are Still Hooking Suckers On EBM! 🙄

Romainian Scammer Listing On eBay Motors!

Management is continuing to run off their best sellers, and the sellers are the ones that pay their bills. eBay was once the King of eCommerce. Now it is nothing but a corporate garbage dump that has made it’s execs rich. And bankrupted many sellers who believed in the principles of community and trust eBay was founded on. Doc wound up being one that worked his butt off and was given the bums rush out of the kingdom!

Guess we can sit back and watch as eBay Implodes Into Itself! 😆