Watch as this Chevy Tahoe eBay listing redirects me off of eBay Motors to a fraudster controlled website, where someone’s Identity and Money will be stolen!

In order to capture this scam on screen video Doc used his Blackberry as an IP Modem to slow the action down. Normally the second you enter the hacked eBay listing you would be swept away without a clue. That is unless you are watching your web browser’s URL Window!

eBay is without a doubt NOT SAFE! These redirect scams have been going on at least since 2006. There is evidence of this in my scam archive HERE. I guess eBay don’t care about this US-CERT alert that was issued by the U.S. Government in 2006!

Updated 01/20/2014: eBay still has not fixed this serious vulnerability. eBay XSS Redirect Phishing Scam Caught On Screen Video 2014

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