xss redirect fraud ebay motorsHere is the story of an eBay member in good standing since 2001 with a total feedback score of 812 – that is 100% positive. It appears this member was the a victim of xss cross site scripting redirect fraud.

In this eBay Motors Forum thread he claims he was scammed out of $15,200 on a vehicle. Naturally eBay is not helping and the eBay Motors VPP is denying claim because eBay pulled the listing as fraudulent.

Member oi8abug said in this discussion board thread that eBay live help was contacted and was told the listing was valid, and covered by eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection. He also claims he knows eBay well, as he should with 10 years experience!

However the listing was a very clever scam perpetrated on eBay and not the common redirect as we are all so used to. Hopefully he posts an item number, I would like to find a cashed copy of it on one of the search engines.

eBay members come to the discussion boards to ask advise about listings legitimacy, share fraud avoiding advice, and to give advice in general.  And in an apparent attempt to sweep the knock off fraud under the rug, eBay has banned members from asking if a listing is or was a scam on the boards!

Lots more Vehicle Buyers will get scammed if this policy is enforced on eBay Motors Forums. And eBay could care less who gets scammed on their site!

It’s a shame that a site that was built on trust can not be trusted!