Doc published This Video yesterday about 10 Collector Car Scams that all had similar scammer markings. Today there are only 3 left running on eBay servers.

eBay in their failed way of attempting to keep buyers safe on the site pulled a discussion board post about these scams. They have to know there is a lot of fraud on their website but love the fees that are charged to someone’s stolen credit card or hijacked seller’s account, so it appears they would rather pull public postings about scams than pull the scam listing itself.

This morning there were only 3 of the scam listings remaining. But there was a person posting on the EBMDG that they were robbed! I published this follow-up video to show how the scammers are working their listings. It’s the holiday season and the scammers seem to be increasing their eBay motors listings to fund their holiday spending.

I suggest everyone take the time to watch this video and learn how to spot a scam before you get phished and lose your money! And also visit our YouTube Channel to see all my videos.

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