In just one year rust can do a number on the undercarriages of northern vehicles, or cars trucks etc operated on or near a salt water beach.

Beware Of Undercarriage RustAdd a few years to that figure and there can be major damage done. Frame rust is a major concern when buying an older northern vehicle.

If your down south or maybe out west, you might not know they use Rock SALT and Sodium Chloride to De-ice the winters roads, in what i like to refer to as “The Rust Belt States.”

Rust is an accepted situation up north. Mechanics are used to seeing rusty undercarriages and will patch this and that to get a vehicle through inspection. However if the rust damage is severe, chances are a vehicle will FAIL it’s inspection and can no longer be driven.

So what to do with a vehicle like that? Put it on the Internet where hopefully some sucker down south will buy it without an inspection! Northern vehicles usually do look good on the outside, and without the harmful rays of the sun down south, the interiors usually look great too. But most northern sellers will not include photos under the hood, or of the undercarriage. Here is a good example of alleged misrepresentation fraud.

Don’t let a good looking ride from the Rust Belt fool you!

From the eBay Motors discussion board: I purchased this vehicle from a top rated ebay seller (autosdirectonline) read all the positive reviews didn’t see any negative comments. I did not post mine yet!!!

I checked the carfax report, they told me that the mechanics did there inspection and that the car was great!! I paid for the car and had it shipped, it took over 3 weeks to get the car, we had a 30 day warranty, the day I got the car, within 5 miles the check engine light came on and 4wd sensors.

I called Dan, he directed me to go to the nearest dealership to get the car fixed, How about this, the vehicle was completely rusted, both axles, drive train, rotors, whole undercarriage, the dealer said he was shocked I drove the car to the dealership, that the axle or drive train didn’t fall off!!!

So now I am getting stalled by this top ebay seller! I would like some knowledge from anyone out there on this situation!

Beware Of Northern Vehicles That Have UNDISCLOSED Undercarriage Rust!
Beware Of Northern Vehicles That Have UNDISCLOSED Undercarriage Rust!

Avoid being ridiculed by forum trolls and suspected company shills.

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