The owner of this Toyota Tundra Pickup located in Iowa tried to sell it on eBay Motors. Scammers stole his photos VIN and Description then listed it for HALF Price on a hijacked eBay account. Support ended HIS listing while the scam continued to run.

He tried to get eBay support to remove the scam listing but they ended his listing and left the scam listing running! He posted a message on eBay’s Motors discussion board but eBay just removed his posting and ignored the scam listing!

Toyota Tundra Pickup
Example fraudulent listing on hijacked sellers account

We produced this video and had requests to blog it here so vehicle shoppers can see how these scammers work.

eBay is getting better at removing scams like this one, except on weekends where they stay up longer. I have heard they do not have the staff available on weekends to remove fraudulent listings.

It is important to know how these scammers work so you don’t get swindled. eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection will not cover a transaction listed on a hijacked account. The scammer will try to lead you off of eBay, then send you very convincing emails that look like they came from eBay, but they did not!

Watch this video and see how scammers operate!