How bout that eBay PR Coolaid You know the old saying, the house always wins. As eBay Motors continues it’s seemingly endless voyage into the abyss. I hear that is producing strong results for car sellers.

Another long time eBay Motors car seller recently did an analysis of the vehicle sell through rate and came up with 18%. And that didn’t count the “successful listings” as eBay calls them, that were not paid for. Or won by a teenager that was bidding from his eBay Motors app after school.

eBay Never Listens to Anyone! You need CAR People to run a Car Sale Website!
eBay Never Listens to Anyone! You need CAR People to run a Car Sale Website. eBay Motors is living proof of that!

But, eBay loves these deadbeats. After your 5th FREE Listing, not counting that $125 successful listing fee. It will cost ya $50 for a 7 day listing (not counting any featured fees). Maybe if you have something extra special that’s highly desirable, it might sell on eBay Motors. Otherwise the every day car that can be bought anywhere might not. But the question is, is it worth the effort and stress dealing with this sewer pit?

From this eBay Motors Discussion Board posting:

I’m gonna lose it!! Relisted car sold to ANOTHER unresponsive buyer ARRGG!!

Jul 10, 2012 06:54 PM

I am getting so sick and tired of relisting cars because people feel compelled to buy them and then never contact me after the auction ends. I have all my buyer requirements set as strict as possible under my account settings and somehow I’m still selling to people who don’t even have the decency to tell me they don’t intend on buying the vehicle. I am looking at relisting my Volvo for the third time now and opening a second unpaid item dispute. It really is a shame I used to use ebay to sell cars without any issues at all but since negative feedback from sellers has been removed it seems I can’t sell a single car, I give up. Last car I tried to sell people would even hit the buy it now button and then would never send contact me. This time I put my car up with no reserve both times and I still cannot get it sold. EBAY NEEDS TO CLEAN THEIR ACT UP THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING.

Well i guess it’s like Mr.Elmwood says. That’s the way it is these days, recreational listing and recreational bidding. Such is life on eBay these days. 😥

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