Do you sell used cars on eBay Motors? If so how are your sales doing?Scary Statistics eBay Motors Vehicle Sales Down
What is the average year of the cars you sell? Have you had problems with deadbeat bidders? Had buyers threaten to leave negative feedback unless you gave them back $$ after the sale?”

I’m wondering how many small to medium sized dealers gave up on eBay Motors as a sales channel? At $50 per car for a 7 day listing, plus any listing upgrades, reserve, featured, etc, is the return on the investment worth it?

From this eBay Motors forum post:

I just looked at 200 randomly selected completed vehicle listings and found 36 sales.  That’s an 18% sales ratio.

The other thing that this says is that you’d have to list a vehicle five times to sell it.  At $50/pop, that’s $250 on average.

eBay really screwed up this site to the point that it doesn’t even pay to list anymore.

By the number of responders to this topic that sell cars, 3 total including the OP. It looks like eBay has ran most of the good guys off the site.

The majority of the small sellers, myself included before they gave me the boot,  have been saying for many years that eBay Motors Vehicle Sales needs it’s own specific vehicles policy. Trying to use a policy that was designed for a pez dispenser shipped in a box, does not work for auto sales sales.

But eBay CEO John Donahoe, is hell bent on succeeding in ramming a round peg in a square hole!

How much further down the tubes does this place have to go before they wake up and smell the stink it’s producing? Hijacked accounts listing dealers stolen car photos, and eBay does not have the staff to remove one. Automation is cool but some things need a humans intervention to correct.

I was an eBay Motors seller for many years. When i started back in 1999 there was no eBay Motors. Just 3 categories on the main site, cars import and cars domestic, and auto parts and accessories.

What this once great auto selling venue has turned into makes me want to cry. The money was more important than the principals Pierre Omidyar founded eBay on.

I could go on and on about what *I believe* they are doing wrong! But I’m sure they don’t really care. 🙄

It’s sad that a site that worked so well for a number of years has turned to crap!

Automotive News published this grim looking report recently.

What are your thoughts on this situation??

While you’re here check out the page Doc published called “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link above. The butt you save just might wind up being your own. 😉