Here is another tale of woe from someone that did not do their used car purchase homework!

From this eBay Motors Discussion:


Jun 28, 2012 05:01 PM
As scammers get better and better…eBay needs to KEEP UP!

We thought we were dealing with eBay purchasing an auto…they were good.  They got us!

Look out for:  David Soik – Auto Owner Jim Sanders and David Miller

eBay Motors

We Learned a hard costly lesson and do not want any one else to suffer.

I no longer trust eBay.

They need to be more helpful and proactive in these cases.

Doc agrees eBay should better protect car buying consumers. But with a tight-azz CEO I doubt eBay will ever hire someone to police their listings for fraud.

It’s really quite simple – eBay does not care if you get scammed on their website. They are only interested in collecting fees and pleasing their investors.

That is very evident in this article we published last month about a licensed dealer who had his photos stolen and put on an a fraudulent eBay Motors Auction.

eBay would not remove this very good looking scam listing. It took the dealer posting about it on eBay’s Forums, and us publishing an article about eBay assisting scammers by refusing to remove fraudulent listings, to finally get the listing pulled. The cars true owner also got pink slapped silly by eBay’s fascist board moderator

Item number: 120925319149. Some scammer has our car, told eBay days ago several times. Stopped one guy from sending him 32k for our 60k car.

So it’s more important than ever to Do Your HOMEWORK FIRST Before Sending Payment!

The greatest majority of these scam victims were Greedy thinking that once in a lifetime great deal was really true. That victim just tossed their common sense out the window – and their money is long gone.

Doc is a retired car dealer with close to 40 years experience in this business. He spent the last 10-12 years specializing in Internet Auto Sales. He wrote this very revealing article on How to buy a car on the internet I suggest anyone that’s shopping for a used car on the net read it.

Don’t be a victim of Internet Car Fraud – Become an Educated Car Buyer!

Another Car Buyer Scammed On eBay Motors