Never Ending eBay Glitches are killing the once eCommerce giant market share as fed up sellers throw in the towel. It’s always something mucked up with listing or attempting to make a sale. This seller is complaining about a clothing size glitch requiring manual updating of thousands of eBay listings. It’s just glitch after eBay glitch to deal with!

From the above videos comments: I am a former programmer for eBay inc. What people do not understand is that they employ many programmers to edit their code on a daily basis. I made changes to the code almost every hour for about 26 weeks. eBay and their team is never satisfied with what we did. I had to leave because I was tired of catching flak for glitches which can’t be helped causing never ending eBay glitches.

eBay does not have in house coders. They compartmentalize their coders so nobody as a team knows the complete back end or code. In other words if you’re working on item specifics your changes may interfere with item specifics in another category, so the code has to be changed and edited almost every minute.

eBay doesn’t care and does not intend to send out notifications every hour to sellers as to the changes. When the coders let the company know what is going on, they say just keep working on it until it works. They do not plan on giving sellers discounts or deals for admitting to coding mistakes. You as a seller has to deal with it your way, and that’s just the bottom line.

It’s just one glitch after another. When they merged their niche website eBay Motors into the core site, someone left the mileage out of vehicle search queries. 🙄

Oh well.. Just another day in hell for sellers!