We’ve seen it before, eBay seller lists an expensive item, buyer claims it’s broken and PayPal issues a refund, seller receives some worthless junk item. This is corporate greed profiting from bad buyers. Keeping the sellers FVF and tacking on another 4% penalty!

cellphone seller ripped off
This seller was ripped off for $990 by eBay after buyer kept his phone and returned a broken phone. (not phone in discussion)

From the shipping and returns forum: I feel totally betrayed! I listed and sold an iPhone XS Max and the buyer said he received an 6+ and not the phone I had advertised so he requested a return. I replied that he was mistaken and that there were two people who witnessed the XS Max getting packaged up and sent out it was the only phone I had to sell and there was no mistake and there is no reason any Seller would do something like that.

I would gladly take my phone back, but did not want him to send me some old worthless phone so I asked ebay to investigate. He called me a liar and every other name in the book. Long story short, eBay sided with the buyer and said they would refund his money after the phone was returned to me. AN OLD BROKEN PHONE ARRIVED YESTERDAY – THE SCREEN IS BROKEN & PHONE IS WORTHLESS! I called eBay twice only to be told I can appeal after the case is closed? Makes no sense to me, but as of today, the case is closed and the buyer has been fully refunded $990 and also has my brand new phone worth over $1000! I am so angry that eBay did literally nothing to investigate.

I am filing a police report now (a lot of good that will probably do). Does anyone have any other advice? This could happen to any Seller and we have no way to protect ourselves from fraudulent claims and scammers – To make matters worse, ebay even debited me for the return label for the junk phone. Does anybody know if I have any chance of recovering my money or phone and what steps I should take next? It would be greatly appreciated.

Keeping the defrauded sellers final value fee, plus tacking on another %4 penalty, is FRAUD. It’s also incentive to side with buyers. eBay knows there a strong chance that refunded buyer will buy another item, possible pulling the same scam again.

Update 06/23/19: eBay folded refunding this sellers money! 😉

It’s time for the Trump administration to investigate eBay inc. They have been screwing both buyers and sellers for years. It’s time to clean this cyber scam depot up!