For 6 years this eBay top rated seller Hubcap Joe is suspected of running a racketeering cyber-terror ring. Yesterday in his weekly eBay talk video he linked community development director Brian Burke to his alleged illegal operation.

Brian Burke Hubcap Joe eBay Meetup
Hubcap Joe hanging out with eBay director of community development Brian Burke

This guy is the most hateful vindictive person I’ve ever met. It’s well known he owns and operates an offshore hate website. For many years It’s been suspected that eBay Inc was funding this hate website. It’s hosted in Moscow Russia with a Bulgarian static IP address. Hubcap Joe uses this offshore website to attack and bully outspoken former eBay sellers such as myself. It’s good news that he linked director of community development Brian Burke to his alleged cyber crime operation.

In this video i laid out several allegations of wrongdoings and have reached out to Brian Burk to discuss this troubling behavior by a seller he indorses. It’s Racketeering by manipulating eBay stock discrediting this websites documentation of fraud on eBay.

Brian Burke endorses Hubcap Joe in this video at 8:60. Hubcap Joe states “eBay has paid lots of my bills, and I’m not shy talking about it.” How much money can be generated by selling used hubcaps on eBay? Today’s cars mostly do not have hubcaps. More like styled steel or alloy wheels, plus center caps. Hubcap Joe must have an overhead of $10,000.00 monthly, not counting those N.J. Taxes! 😆

Also I want to add that every piece of documentation on is backed up with empirical evidence. There is no fake news here. I use either full page screen captures or narrated screen video to back up my blog posts. eBay just wants to discredit me and this website because they don’t want anybody looking around. It’s all factual so take the time to explore my 15 years of eBay Inc observations.

There is a contact form here if anyone wishes to email me for an interview. However due to the ongoing smear campaign trolling etc, I may require authentication for members of the press or law enforcement agencies wanting to speak with me.