If you read my last post, you already know that eBay accused the Steiner’s of AuctionBytes / eCommerceBytes of running a phishing website.

If you missed the beginning, click here to read yesterdays post.

This morning to get this Open DNS warning that blog.ecommercebytes.com is blocked as a phishing website. I’m saying to myself, Hmmmm whats going on here? I cleared my cache and cookies and rebooted, but got the same result.

Back in 2007 Fire Meg said it best when he wrote a blog post titled: Is Vladuz The Good Guy? It tells about eBay with it’s BIG Guns shooting at Vladuz, but missing and hitting innocent store owners and other merchants. 😆 Same apparent deal here with the Steiners. 🙄

eComerceBytes Open DNS Phishing Warning - eComerceBytes Blog Blocked!
eComerceBytes.com Open DNS Phishing Warning – eComerceBytes Blog Blocked!

Of course this brought to mind the Hack Fest Vladuz did to eBay back in 2007. It’s about the same scenario as with eComerceBytes reported phishing website.

Back then Vladuz had hacked into eBay.de and gave himself administrative rights to post on eBay’s boards. He then posted screen shots of his alleged eBay hacking tools on eBay’s message board. Within a few hours eBay had figured out they had been hacked again and took the forums offline and removed Vladuz’s screen shots. But unfortunately many eBay member had made screen shots.

A German internet security site had wrote a blog post about Vladuz and his escapades with eBay, and included screen shots from eBay’s board. Soon there after an eBay attorney by the name of Scott Noyce sent fall-internet.de web host a take down notice. The host contacted their client who took the page offline until he could figure out what was going on.

Soon after contacting myself and Rosalinda Baldwin at the Auction Guild and finding out eBay had no right to request his site be shut down, much less that the FBI had no Jurisdiction in Germany. He put the page back up.

Next day his site, eBayMotorsSucks.com and TheAuctionGuild.com were all getting Phish site warnings when trying to access them. Hmmmmm! Same deal here Today!

Link on the Internet Archive to the Screen Shot below if you can’t read it.

Web Archive Screen Shot From The Auction Guld Showing Phish Warning. Credit To Cappnonymous For The Link
Web Archive Screen Shot From The Auction Guld Showing Phish Warning. Credit To Cappnonymous For The Link

So here we are in 2012 with the exact same eBay Bullying and Intimidation Tactics they used back in 2007!

Lets face it.. If eBay does not like what someone says about them they will do whatever it takes to silence them. They have done this before and I’m sure will do it again. eBay only cares about eBay and the hell with everyone else.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😆