Recently when reading a blog post on my smartphone, I clicked to view a sellers eBay feedback and was shocked the page was not mobile friendly. The feedback page was nearly impossible to read unless flipping my phone sideways.

eBay Non-Mobile Compatible
This is an eBay sellers feedback profile when viewed on a smartphone. Nearly impossible to read.

Considering today’s shoppers who do most of their everyday tasks via their smartphones this is another big eBay goof. Like those un-linked sub-domains I blogged about last year.

It was often said back in eBay’s earlier days when Meg Whitman was the ceo, the venues code was held together with bailing wire and chewing gum. It’s quite obvious Devin Wenig and the other execs are way out of touch with today’s shoppers.

I did not check what other pages on were not mobile friendly, but it’s a good possibility there are many others. So meanwhile eBay is laying off employees trying to bail out their sinking ship. A savvy businessman once told me, increase your sales!

Just another eBay observation by the good Doctor that’s intended as constructive criticism. If y’all wanna play with the big boys, do a total rewrite of this sloppy code! 🙄