Another black eye for eBay Inc, caught red handed spamming duckduckgo search engine. Hello DuckDuckGo you have an eBay corporate spam problem to deal with. It appears Google and Bing are wise to eBay techniques. 🙄

This eBay spam was discovered when i tested search indexing with the site command. Bing and Google was returning good results. However DuckDuckGo only had the blog’s home page indexed. I was shocked to see hundreds of spam links with my articles titles. Every rover link redirected to

This is nothing new for eBay Inc. They got whacked bad by Google a few years back for spamming. The same thing they got busted doing on Google.

From Moz: Google did in fact penalize eBay and knock a whole bunch of its pages off Google’s search results, but it wasn’t part of Panda, according to a person familiar with the situation. Rather, it was part of a so-called “manual action” that Google took against eBay early this week; the pages weren’t removed as part of the Panda rollout, which affects entire sites and not individual pages.

Anything for a buck, huh eBay! It’s amazing how over the years ole eBay managed to totally trash their once world famous niche venue. Nobody’s fault but theirs! 😆