PayPal Holds Lawsuit Settlement Online sellers who filed class action lawsuits against PayPal over the company’s practice of holding funds for lengthy periods have reached a tentative agreement to settle following successful mediation’s.

The parties in Fernando v. PayPal and Zepeda v. PayPal are currently in the process of finalizing a written settlement agreement and exhibits, including proposed notice to the settlement class. A hearing on preliminary approval is set for June 12, 2012, with the motion for preliminary approval to be filed by May 8, 2012.

While terms of the settlement are as yet undisclosed, the litigation has not stopped PayPal from expanding its holds policy. PayPal sent an email last week sharing its plans to update its “Funds Availability program” to add additional circumstances in which it could hold seller funds, including “Sellers who sell an item that has a sales price that is significantly higher than the average sales price of items previously sold by that seller.” Read the rest of this article on

Doc finds it interesting that AB didn’t publish their article as a blog post so folks could comment on it. Wonder why?

The Cases

Zepeda v PayPal
Civil Action No. 10-cv-02500 EJD, filed June 7, 2010
Lawyer: Freed & Weiss LLC [email protected]

Fernando v PayPal
Case No. 10-CV-01668 PVT, filed April 19, 2010
Lawyer: Marina Trubitsky & Associates [email protected]

Dunkel v eBay
Civil Action No. 5:12-cv-01452-HRL, filed March 22, 2012
Lawyer: Marina Trubitsky & Associates [email protected]