Buying a used car out-of-state without having it inspected is a foolish buying decision. This is especially true for automobiles with salvage or rebuilt titles. Another unhappy car buyer is crying the blues over this 2016 Chevy Malibu that was in a flood. There’s a reason this car was bought at HALF of book value!

used car purchased out-of-state no inspection
This 2016 Chevy Malibu a previous flood car was purchased out-of-state without an inspection. Buyer upset with seller.

Update 07/15/19: Apparently this sellers ID has been changed to rebuiltcars0199. Feedback is still good but always inspect used cars bought online. Cover Yer ASS!! 😉

This seller has high feedback and has been a motors member since 2013. Regardless it’s often said that sellers trade a check for positive feedback. That’s especially true for used car dealers, been there done that back in my selling days many moons ago.

However when first looking at this vehicles for sale ad (253979784617) the seller clearly stated it has a 2017 Engine. To me that’s a big red flag screaming out STOP!

Used car 2016 Malibu sale ad states 2017 turbo engine

From the motors forum: (spelling sentencing corrected for readability and seo.)

I am completely disgusted after buying a car from rebuiltcars019. Ad says salvage title. OK. Seller states vehicle title salvage due to being in a flood zone. ZERO evidence of water entry.

So I buy the car and have it shipped to me.

(1) CAR had bad rust on the seat frames
(2) bad rust on dipstick-yes oil dipstick
(3) mud and debris in the trunk
(4) rust under the hood
(5) water lines in car
(6) damaged tires
(7) dent in fender
(8) engine light on
(9) bad engine misfires – cannot be driven

Seller rebuiltcars019 says cars is tip top no issues performs as it should.

Told I wanted refund. They said OK – I pay shipping return and they will refund but only when they have car, title, and I pay shipping a second time. Along with bad tire repairs, missing locking lug-nut tool – must pay to have them removed.

So now I have a car with bad tires – wheels locked on, cant drive, wet under the seats. After wrestling with seller – rebuiltcars019 He told me to F-OFF. They will pay to get the bad feedback removed and F-ME.

Exactly what happened. EBAY said that I did not go to Florida and look at the car. Irregardless of condition and what the ad posted which my lawyer says is consumer fraud. Attorney also says because EBAY said no harm or foul by seller EBAY would definitely lose this in court especially in Florida.

So I got F***** badly by seller rebuiltcars019 and by EBAY. I guess soon eBay will begin hassling me even though I have 100% feedback since 2002. I am so freaking mad. Out about 10k. This is complete **bleep**. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM rebuiltcars019. They are liars-cheaters, scammers!


Looks like this one could be headed to court. Personally speaking, It’ll probably be the seller suing the buyer for slander or other damages. Seller clearly stated inspection is welcome. For around $200 a mobile vehicle inspection can be easily obtained. I would prefer a properly repaired collision damaged used car over one that’s been swimming.

Today’s automobiles are a electrical nightmare of components that are sensitive to water and expensive to replace, and many components must be programmed by the dealer. And *IF* it was salt water the wiring will eventually corrode into a green mush!

Best bet when buying a used car out-of-state is to have it Inspected FIRST before purchasing! And be sure to read my used car buying and selling internet guide. 😉

It’s a well known fact among many sellers, front-line-ready quality used cars will not make a profit on eBay Motors. After publishing this article i googled this seller up and found this video from 2017. Another buyer is saying the same. Further investigation revealed that seller id was ibozi20133 that no longer exists, and could have been changed.