Scammers are hustling the naive this Christmas using unreasonably low priced used cars as sucker bait. As Doc has reported many times, another person lost their money trying to buy a used car with eBay gift cards. This lady swallowed the hook on a 2010 Nissan Maxima on LetGo app. Her money is long gone! 😥

Gift Card Nissan Maxima Scam
Another victim of app fraud bought gift cards to pay for a used car. Her money is long gone!

As it usually goes the seller claimed eBay Motors was handling the transaction. When she agreed to buy the car her seller (scammer) sent fake eBay emails. She bought the gift cards and emailed the redemption codes. Don’t become a Christmas scam victim!

From Are you thinking of buying someone a used car this holiday season? Or maybe you’re going to need a car yourself soon? We have an important warning about some car ads that will leave you empty handed and disappointed Christmas morning.

Our scam victim was hunting for a used car and found a great deal on letgo selling app. It was a 2010 Nissan Maxima for a bargain $1,500. She messaged the seller who explained she was in the military and about to be deployed. The person needed to sell the car quickly, at a low price. She said she was going into training with her medical team for a year. She said she didn’t want to store the car.

The seller told her the car would be sold through eBay motors for safety and that she needed to send a 500 dollar deposit on eBay gift cards. She put 200 dollars on one 200 dollars on another, and 100 dollars on a third totaling $500 dollars. That’s the last she heard from the seller (scammer). it was common car scam phishing the naive!

eBay told us: “this transaction appears to be a scam. Unfortunately, scam artists will list items for sale on non-eBay trading sites. Then promise eBay’s protection as a means of completing the scam. He said to protect yourself! Do not pay via gift cards or western union and be suspicious of any car or truck you cannot see in person.

It’s the lure of getting a bargain car for next to nothing that’s continues to slay victims. It’s the same scam that has been claiming victims since this site was founded 14 years ago, just the method of payment has changed. Don’t be a sucker this Christmas! 😉