Cappnonymous was probably the best eBay critic blogger since 2006, but hasn’t been heard from since around 2014. He had a way of impaling John Donahoe and others with very damaging blog posts and videos. His YouTube channel was chock full with damaging eBay dirty laundry, but now is gone! 😥

Cappnonymous Cassini Meme
eBay Cassini trolling for wallet share meme

This post is dedicated to Cappnonymous who regularly revealed eBay ‘code oops moments’ as hackers (Vladuz and others) phished site shoppers with alarming hacks and cracks. He was especially good at screen-capturing the methods hackers used to breach eBay sloppy security. 😆

Though he hasn’t posted any new blog posts or made any new YouTube videos since around 2014 his blog and YouTube channel was a treasure trove of eBay hacks and executive blunders.

Last week during my winter site update i noticed a Cappnonymous video I’d embedded was dead. Clicking through to YouTube revealed his channel was suspended for repeated site violations. eBay must have called the YouTube police to delete his channel! 🙁

Cappnonymous YouTube
Screenshot of Bing search revealing exiled YouTube videos from cappnonymous YouTube channel

Google who hates Donald J. Trump and his supporters has been on a censorship war since the 2016 presidential campaign. Staffed by Southern Poverty Law Center heroes / trolls searching for and deleting conservative and Trump supporters videos and channels.

YouTube Heroes parody video – killing creators for Google brownie points 🙄

Looks like I’m the last great eBay watcher / blogger left. Another who deserves an honorable mention is Firemeg who’s been gone since Meg resigned. His blog was later deleted by host Blogger (owned by Google.) Firemeg had another large treasure trove of revealing CEO Ma Meg Whitman blunders that were wiped from the internet.

Cappnonymous LOL Graphic
Another lol graphic by Cappnonymous depicting John Donahoe as a monkey saying eBay out of order check announcement board

Not much has changed with eBay since it’s early days. Someone’s always getting it rammed up their kazoo. Buyer return fraud seems to be the biggest scam that’s picking sellers pockets clean. Otherwise It’s just another crappy day in San Jose! 😆