It’s happened again, clever scammer cons car buyer into buying eBay gift cards. The car buyer fell for a too good to be true price, and lost his money. Craigslist has become the favorite venue to troll for suckers, and their pros at doing it! 😥

There is no such thing as a free lunch. And there is no bargain car in perfect condition with free shipping for half or less book value. It’s that lure of getting something for next to nothing that keeps these cons going. Don’t be a schmuck and swallow the scammers bait.

From This story proves just about anyone can get scammed. A man from Oberlin said even though he’s an experienced buyer and seller of cars online, criminals got him. The victim was looking for a van, found one on Craigslist. It was $1200 and to him that’s a lot of money. “I don’t have $1200 to just throw away,” he told us.

The seller sent him a note saying the husband supposedly died 5 months ago. They told me they had just moved to another state and that they were dealing with eBay Motors.

He wasn’t familiar with eBay Motors, but he went to Rite Aid anyway. He bought a half-dozen eBay gift cards and gave the crooks the numbers. Then, he even got a message from the seller saying, I’m sure you will love this car. Take good care of it.

At that point his money was gone!