It’s the mediation final value fee plus another 4% penalty that keeps bad buyers coming back for more. This seller claims he sold a CPU to a new 0 feedback buyer that opened a SNAD claim. PayPal takes the money back from the seller, who is screwed at this point. FRAUD by eBay and PayPal who are profiting from sellers losses! 😥

Return Shipping Scam
Here’s a NEW twist to the old return shipping scam that sellers are losing their item and money

The new twist with this return shipping scam is:

Buyers don’t ship a different item back to seller, which provides proof of the fraudulent return. Go online and pick any address in the sellers zip code. Send an envelope or bubble mailer with tracking. Buyer enters the return tracking number and his money is refunded by PayPal. The post office will not help the seller due to their privacy policy. Once again another seller is out his item and money, then is charged the FVF plus 4% penalty!

Below is another eBay sellers return shipping scam woes:

From the shipping and returns forum: I’ll start off by saying that I am a long-time eBay seller and buyer, but I sell infrequently. I stupidly sold a CPU on October 21, to a buyer with zero feedback, against my better judgement. The CPU was brand new and sealed. Shortly after the sale, I discovered that eBay had suspended the buyer’s account.

About a week after the item was delivered to the buyer’s PayPal address in San Diego, the buyer filed an INAD claim on PayPal, stating that “the item i received is a defective item. it will not power on at all. i checked everything but it just doesn’t work. i power it on but nothing happens, not even any beeps that indicate it is running. it is completely dead on arrival.

The buyer provided a USPS tracking number, a shipping label was created with origin in “Islandia, NY” wth, NY? To cut a long story short, I never received the item, and according to the Post Office, the item was delivered to a different address within my zip code. Very old scam, which I sadly found out about too late. My local post office cannot provide a scan of the address that the package was delivered to, due to privacy concerns. In the meantime, the buyer was “refunded” their payment, and I am out a nearly $400.00 CPU. And to add insult to injury, the payment was deducted from my PayPal account.

I have filed police reports in San Diego and my local town. I have also filed a report with the US Postal Inspectors, the CA Attorney General’s office, and IC3. Has anyone encountered this scam recently, or a variation of it? If so, were you able to successfully get your money back?

eBay and PayPal are encouraging this fraudulent activity by catering to bad buyers. Add the mediation FVF on returns plus 4% penalty and the reasoning becomes very clear. But the SEC and FBI look the other-way. It’s all about the Money! 🙄