PayPal LogoRumor is spreading about the suicide death of Qinggen Wang, PayPal’s principal software engineer. This is the second alleged PayPal employee suicide this year.

Eric Salvatierra, a PayPal Exec of Palo Alto was alleged to have committed suicide back in March after being struck by a Caltrain commuter train.

Doc wonders what’s going on at eBay Corp Headquarters? Are the working conditions at PayPal bad enough to convince someone to off themselves? Just seems strange that this is the second PayPal employee to suffer alleged depression related suicide this year.

According to The, On April 6, 2012, Qinggen Wang, a principal software engineer at Paypal, committed suicide.  He was 40 years old.

Born in a poor family in China, Wang became the hero of his hometown, Haian County of Jiangsu Province, after winning the gold medal of the International Chemistry Olympiad in 1990.  After finishing his undergraduate study in China, Wang was accepted by Stanford University and graduated with a Ph. D’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in computer technology.

Wang started his career as a software engineer at deCarta.  He joined PayPal in 2004 and rose to the position of principal software engineer three years later. Wang was believed to have been suffering from depression for a long time, which eventually caused his suicide.

“Could the working conditions under eBay Inc’s CEO John Donahoe be a contributing factor in both of these alleged suicides?”

S-Shamini Death By Fall - PayPal Employee in Malaysia
S. Shamini Suicide

Update 06/07/2012: If this information is correct. S. Shamini will be the 3rd PayPal suicide in a row.

According to the Malay Mail: A 24-year old woman was found dead at the lobby of the 28-storey 1 First Avenue building in Bandar Utama, Malaysia yesterday morning.

Police believed that the deceased, S. Shamini, who works as a service executive with global online payment company PayPal, fell to her death from the 26th floor of the building where she worked the night shift.

PJ deputy police chief, Supt Meor Hamdan Meor Mohamad said the victim first crashed onto the glass roof top on the third floor of the building before she was found sprawled at the lobby entrance at 6.45am.

Her body was found almost unidentified by people who were coming into work yesterday morning, as body parts were all in pieces.

“We have not ruled out the possibility of suicide as investigations are ongoing,” said Meor Hamdan.

For now, the case is being classified as sudden death pending autopsy results. Shamini’s body was found by a building security guard who heard a loud thump on the ground, and he immediately alerted the police, he said.

More information is available here and here.

Body of alleged suicide victim and PayPal Employee S. Shamini lays on 1 Utama plaza driveway
Body of alleged suicide victim and PayPal Employee S. Shamini lays on 1 Utama plaza driveway.
Broken glass where S Shamini an alleged PayPal employee committed suicide.
Broken glass panel where S Shamini an alleged PayPal employee crashed through on her way down.