This guy bought a 2015 Cadillac SRX Luxury Edition Crossover advertised with a Rebuilt / Salvage Title. Seller disclosed previous accident damage, and stated what was done to repair the car. Seller also has trustworthy feedback from other buyers.

Cadillac SRS Previous Accident
Here’s a good example why out of area used car buyers should have salvage title vehicles inspected.

This Cadillac SRX sold for $13,700 with a salvage / rebuilt title. NADA Guides lists average trade in value at $18,250 with clean retail at $22,175 for a car with a clean title. It’s often said in the used car business, you get what you paid for.

Seller claims the Cadillac SRX had a left front fender and drivers door hung on it, with paintwork to match. Seller does not mention the SRS (air-bags) system, but a left front collision was sure to set off the airbags and side curtains.

Seller also disclosed the car was purchased at an insurance auction, with a previous salvage title. That Cadillac SRX appears to have some form of previous damage to be issued a salvage title. That’s my opinion from reading the sellers description.

This topic source is from eBay community motors forum. The topic itself is one huge paragraph, and very hard to read. Looks like a Facebook post where paragraphs are not allowed. Buyer said it took weeks to get the salvage title converted to rebuilt status. Further info on rebuilt / salvage titles is in my car buying guide.

Buyer claims it took close to a month to receive the car. Seller bumped the Cadillac SRX shipping quote up from $450 to $950. A/C is making a whining noise (Compressor.) Lots of warning indicators were on. Buyer also nitpicked little things like the oil life remaining warning was on (oil change time.)

Seller had excellent photos that were probably what sold the car. His listing text / html is horrible. In-proper layout with poor wording and exceeds the page width, requiring scrolling right to left to read. Buyer paid 3 arms and two legs for this Cadillac SRX, which in my humble opinion was junk when new. GM the mark of crap!

This bad experience could have been avoided if this Cadillac SRX buyer did his homework FIRST before purchasing. I’ve always advised internet vehicle buyers to have their car inspected. Spend a couple hundred on a professional vehicle inspection before sending payment. Also verify the title status.