Beware of this domain it could be used to phish your money and identity. While eBay Motors is not as popular of a scam trap as it was a few years ago. There are still scammers hustling the data dump trying to steal your money!

This morning while doing an eBay Motors related search, look what popped up in the 1st page of Google’s results >> << That stinks worse than a bordello at low tide!

If you receive an email from this domain after inquiring about a car for sale it very well could be fraudulent. Be sure to read my popular article Used Car Buying And Selling Internet AdviceThe Butt you save might be your own!

Updated 08/28/2014: Looks like this domain has been transferred, deleted, and registered again many times. registrar hoster stats registrar hoster stats

Also Note: This domain is being blocked by Open DNS. I’m thinking the domain has been used to send out Phishing Emails!

open dns configuration scam domain

Here is a whois look up on scam domain who is look up.

This is an add on domain from Hosted by Host Gator. scam domain host who is info

As you can see below, It’s been rather busy!

cashbord-com-index full add on domain and other folders.

So just BEWARE If that items Price Is TOO CHEAP!

Read Doc’s Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice before buying online! 😉