Hurricane Florence Survivor USA Old Glory American Flag AKA “Kevin” that flew over the Frying Pan Tower auction brings $10,900 on eBay. A bit tattered and torn but like all who claim America to be home and are proud to do so, it still stands proud! Consider bidding on it to show your pride in America!

123393152162 Kevin Florence Survivor
Screen shot of eBay auction for Hurricane Florence survivor American Flag “Kevin” brings $10,900

The seller claims 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

We are curious if the seller will get paid, since high profile eBay auctions often attract sport bidders. Since the bidding ended last night we will have to wait for the auction winner to be confirmed. OR will Kevin be relisted because of a non paying bidder?

Or will the buyer file an eBay not as described claim (SNAD) and be refunded his money? Savvy buyers flock to eBay for FREE Merchandise. Buyer is told to send the item back to the seller, but returns something else. When the return tracking is received PayPal is instructed to return the buyers money. Since the claim was mediated by eBay who decided in the buyers favor, seller is charged a 10% final value fee. $10,900 = 10% = $1090 πŸ™

Deadbeat bidders on used cars got so bad eBay made auto auctions non binding. According to this help page auctions are binding, except for autos and real-estate. This guy sued a husband and wife government workers and garnished their paychecks.

This auction was mentioned today on Fox News so I felt compelled to blog it. I’ve been watching eBay since becoming the 1st used car dealer in my area to sell cars online. Historically high profile auctions like “Keven” manage to bring out the sport bidders.

There was this 1996 Honda Accord that brought $150K and eBay ended it’s auction. But CarMax saved the day offering the cars owners $20k for the $1,500 Accord. Then there was the Dukes Of Hazzard “General Lee” auction that brought a whopping $9,900,500!

I sincerely hope the winning bidder steps up and finalizes his transaction. The American Red Cross is a fine outfit that helps out those in need in times like this. πŸ™‚

Update 10/02/18 This auction has a real winner: Richard Neal, who flew the flag, and Mike Caruso, who won the bid, speak out in this Fox & Friends interview.