Here we go again.. Seems eBay decided they would handle the marketplace managed payments in house. Sellers opted in then discovered accepting PayPal was no longer possible. This reminds me of that Adyen payments debacle last month which prevented sellers from accepting PayPal. Maybe eBay Q3 earnings report will further flood the sinking ship. Execs will be abandoning ship! 🙄

eBay Managed Payments Mucks Up PayPal
Another payments debacle on eBay. Last month is was Adyen prevented accepting PayPal. Now the NEW eBay marketplace payments is refusing buyers who want to pay with PayPal. I hate to think what eBay Q3 earnings report will look like.

From the eBay payments forum: Currently, signing up for Managed Payments means that your customers can no longer pay with Paypal, and Managed Payments will not handle Paypal payments until 2019. Limits your customer base since some people only want to pay with Paypal.

Also-Managed Payments cannot accept payments for certain items. I found that gem out when I tried to relist a tobacco pipe that a buyer purchased and did not pay for. Ebay would not let me relist it and gave me an error message that “Managed Payments cannot accept payment for this item.” Great.

This topic where a seller claims he has lost 50% of his business: I AM IN PANIC MODE. I opted into the managed payments, thinking the large “OPT IN” Icon with the friendly message would benefit our store. I AM ALREADY NOTICING A 50% DECREASE in SALES. WHY WOULD EBAY DO THIS TO BULK SELLERS! WHY NOT START WITH SMALL TIME SELLERS THAT DON’T RELY ON EBAY AS A MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME FOR A BUSINESS!

Buyer return fraud is apparently still a problem: Simply put i have sold a Nintendo bundle of games last week. He has filed a return for defective product. I easily accepted knowing once i get it back i can resell it easily. So today it has delivered back to me though it was not shipped back as i have shipped it. It was packed tightly in a Styrofoam case with a lid to hold the games securely. He returned the game bundle loose in a a huge box without the lid to the box i have shipped it in and moving all over the place.

Worse comes to worse. He took 3 of the games in the bundle of highest value and returned broken ones with ripped sticker covers. So what the hell am i supposed to do as this is my first time facing a return fraud scam. I am not prepared as everything i put online is owned by me and only in the best conditions as listed. I live up to the name i have created on eBay with flawless track record until today. No way am i gonna allow him to steal from me so i need some support and what to do. thanks

Tamebay Editor Dan Wilson looks at the new information that has emerged since the first eBay Managed Payments transaction took place this week. PayPal won’t be available until Summer 2019 when it also goes international.

Whatever happened to the good old eBay days? Buyers and sellers were honest and handled their own payment arrangements.The more the execs try to improve the venue the more mucked up it is.

Personally i feel PayPal is worried about a class action suit since they handle the funds in marketplace return fraud. It’s entirely possible the feds could come knocking on of these days on eBay’s door. In that scenario PayPal would be involved as well.