I’ve heard it all now. Seller who offers old vinyl records on eBay just had a listing ended for being Hateful & Discriminatory. Cut by Rebel Records. 🙁

Rebel Records Banned eBay
Here we have an old 45rpm bluegrass record for sale on eBay. But they banned it for being Hateful and Discriminatory because it has a Confederate Flag on it’s cover.

Further reading revealed eBay has gone political (Liberal Leftist Obviously.) They banned the confederate battle flag displayed on any item on the venue.

  • Not allowed: Confederate battle flag and related items with its image

Another inane eBay policy. The Civil War is part of our American History. There should be zero reason why a Confederate Flag on a old record is an issue with anyone, unless their relatives fought on the other side.

From the forum topic: That’s just great. I sell a ton of military items and have had and do have items with this flag on it currently up. More sitting here too. Stupid policy eBay. The Civil War is American History, wow, shaking my head.

Another LOL eBay Moment where they shot themselves in the foot. But this is nothing new for eBay. They ended this sellers item for including placement pictorial. 🙄