eBay sellers opting into Adyen Payments beta can not opt-out of the test. Sellers also are unable to accept PayPal during Adyen beta. Looks like the divorce could get ugly!

eBay PayPal Divorce Effects Sellers
eBay sellers opting into Adyen payments beta are unable to accept PayPal for marketplace sales, and can not opt-out of Adyen beta

eCommercebytes reporting adds some credibility to this rumor. ‘There’s some good news and bad news for sellers, but so far eBay is not releasing details publicly. The biggest drawback is that buyers will not be able to use PayPal to pay sellers participating in the test. A provision that a reader told us he believed would negatively impact sales.’

I’m curious who’s the filing party in this eBay / PayPal Divorce?

It’s also rumored a federal investigation into eBay buyer fraud may be underway. Sleazy buyers looking for free merchandise flock to eBay who is profiting on SNAD mediation.

If the feds come knocking on eBay’s door confiscating company transaction records, they also will seize PayPal payment records for eBay transactions.

This divorce could get real ugly – and possibly sooner that many think.. 😥

Oh Well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth!