Once again eBay proves it’s a data dump. Sellers are saying when good til cancelled (GTC) listings auto-renewed their photos were gone, and are unrecoverable. 🙁

eBay Photo Image GTC Glitch
eBay loses millions of seller photos in yet another glitch. GTC listing auto-renewed without photos. Recovery is not possible the eCommerce giant said.

It’s been said for many years that eBay databases were held together with redirects and patches. With all the glitches the eCommerce giant has been experiencing it must be true.

Tutorial video: How to recover lost images from Google or Bing / Yahoo cache.

From Tamebay: eBay has emailed many of the sellers impacted apologizing and offering 200 free insertion fee credits to use by the 28th of July.

“We made a technical error during a recent update that caused many sellers to lose images associated with their Good Til Cancelled listings. We cannot, unfortunately, retrieve many of the lost images. If re-uploading images is feasible for you, we encourage you to do so.

We know this has been extremely frustrating. Sellers make up the backbone of eBay, and we’re committed to helping your business grow. To set you up for future success, we’re crediting you back for insertion fees on the impacted listings and providing you with 200 zero insertion fees to use until July 28, 2018.”
eBay email to impacted sellers

Just another day – and another eBay Glitch. Wonder what will croak next? Guess after paying the executives their large salaries there’s not much left for maintenance!