This seller states he sold a $6500 embroidery machine on eBay and shipped to buyer. As it often happens buyer filed an Item Not as Described (SNAD) claim. Seller issued a return shipping label but when embroidery machine was returned an old machine was in the box. It’s yet another example of eBay buyer fraud! 😥

Seller loses $6500 embroidery machine buyer fraud eBay
Sellers are sacrificial lambs to savvy eBay buyers who manipulate the system getting FREE merchandise

From the selling community forum: I recently sold a BRAND NEW $6500 embroidery machine. The customer had the machine for 2-3 days then opened a NOT AS DESCRIBED case. I sent return FedEx label and received the return a week later. When i opened the box there was a very used $1500 embroidery machine inside.

Immediately i contacted eBay and gave them the serial number of the embroidery machine shipped and the serial number of the item that was returned. Pictures of the item that was sent and pictures of the item received on the return were sent. I filed a police report. FedEx was contacted and the return shipment weighed 15 pounds less than the original shipment. I contacted the customer to see if there was a mistake on the item the returned. They told me they did not know what I was talking about.

This is what eBay told me. There was nothing we could or would do because the customer did not admit to the fraud in the emails. They told me I was on my own and that they would send the full refund! at the end of the case’s waiting period.

After contacting PayPal i was told they only protected buyers and that sellers are on there own. PayPal also said i should hire a lawyer and open a civil case against the embroidery machine buyer. MY HEAD ALMOST POPPED OFF!

So sellers. I would just like you to know you are not protected from buyer scams on expensive items by eBay or PayPal. And for you scammers buying expensive items and then returning inexpensive items. IT WORKS. And works very well!

Need to upgrade your equipment? just buy new and send back your old wore out item. eBay and PayPal will help you. Just remember never admit to what you are doing in email! And you will get it for free!

eBay created this monster by manipulating their feedback system not allowing sellers to leave bad buyers deserved negative feedback. Like this seller states above. Need new equipment? eBay and PayPal will help you get it for free! 😡

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 🙄