Another seller preaches to the crowd how he is being defrauded as scamming buyers are pandered to by eBay. Everyday there’s more buyer fraud going down!

Scamming Buyers Neg Defenseless Sellers On eBay
Buyer negative feedback snippet shows defrauded sellers. Not from seller discussed here

It is said credit card companies are to blame. When buyers do not get refunds they chargeback via their credit card company. Anyway ya look at it sellers are being shafted and eBay laughs all the way to the bank!

Also I’ve read in INR and SNAD cases where buyers are refunded eBay does not return the sellers final value fee. Doc believes buyers that receive fraudulent refunds will buy again from another seller. eBay makes even more profit and is profiting on fraud their get rich policies created. Anything to make a buck, eh eBay! 😡

From this eBay community forum topic @metallicaguitarist wrote:
I know from a few months worth of researching various different discussions, posts, groups, etc online that the current situation on here is not a figment of my imagination and paranoia as some ebay call center operators would like me to believe, There is blatant fraud, scamming and system manipulation going on where buyers play games, and ebay and PayPal play right into their hands and make it all that much easier for them, while **bleep**’ing sellers and acting like these buyers are all poor innocent victims and everything is just a big misunderstanding, then its so blatantly obvious what’s going on, that if this were to go to court, You could show the evidence to a judge and win hands down !,

And most likely, eBay would point to some section of the fine print within the user agreement to try and deflect the blame from themselves and make it out to be a “you knew and accepted the risks in advance and accepted it”, thus bypassing and deflecting from any responsibility on their behalf pertaining to what spurred the massive increase in these incidents in the last few years.

Starting off with the one sided feedback that was enacted years ago where buyers can leave negative feedback for sellers, but sellers have no choice but to leave either a positive, or none at all, thus, giving buyers the idea that they have nothing to fear as far as other sellers ever finding out that they’re out blatantly scamming people, because even if they get caught and forced to abandon their return claim, or item not as described claim, the seller wont be able to leave a negative, so the next seller they target wont be able to see multiple feedback saying “beware of this seller” etc.

Every single item that leaves our warehouse has tracking on it, yet international items tend to lag and take over a month to arrive, buyers will open cases claiming they didn’t receive it, and after a while, eBay will end up siding with them because it doesn’t explicitly say the word “delivered” on the tracking, but in the meantime the person got it, and knows they can get away with it, So whats ebays reply? “Enroll in our global shipping program, we’re gonna charge people a much higher premium for postage, but no need to panic, there will be NO difference in sales”, and then they try to portray sellers who are weary of participating in it as being idiots who are more concerned about that “Extra 1 or 2 sales a month” then about the overall picture, However, if you ship over 25% of your items out of the country, and are grossing about 10k a month on here, that’s more than just 1 or 2 extra sales you stand to lose !

Furthermore, one of the reasons we have so many sales is because we agree to combine postage for buyers who buy bulk lots of items, however from what we’re being told, there is no way to change the postage and combine orders for international buyers while using the International shipping program, so if for instance a guy wants 10 shirts, which would cost 15 bucks a piece to ship individually to Australia, its going to charge him $150 to ship, no matter what, while in the meantime I could put all of them in one box and ship them for a third of the price, and THAT’S WHY the person agreed to buy them!

Also, Buyers who play a bait & switch game, they buy an item, claim its not as described, or was slightly different than what they needed, and then when they return it, its not the same item that you shipped to them. yet eBay will sit there on the phone and say “Sorry, you accepted the return, you specified that you take 30 day returns so you’re gonna have to take it, Period. Sorry Ebay That’s not how it works. Read your own effing rules.

If I ship a surveillance camera that’s brand new in the box, with a serial number ending in 0449, and the guy claims it doesn’t work with his system, and mails me back and identical model which is used and has a serial number ending in 6763, that is NOT the same unit he was shipped, and we are in NO WAY OBLIGATED to refund this and give the scamming buyer a free item.

The last time I spoke to eBay about one of these scamming buyer issues, the operator admitted that “Ebay is being pressured by credit card companies. because even if the person calls and files a claim with eBay and they refuse it. the person will instead just turn around and call their credit card company instead. who will then withhold the funds or deduct the funds back from PayPal. and so its easier for eBay to screw with sellers, a lot of who do this for a living, then it is for them to battle with credit card companies, OR better yet, Come up with a comprehensive insurance plan that protects sellers against these issues, so regardless of the circumstance, if there is any hint, or obvious proof that the buyers are screwing around, the insurance can cover the transaction total, so that seller, nor eBay, would be out the funds, and then perhaps eBay would be a little less paranoid about standing up to scamming buyers and a little more apt to admit to sellers that “Yes, there is an issue with this, and here is what we’re doing to combat it, without costing your eBay business any loss of sales or revenue.

Whatever happened to the good old eBay days when Trust and Community Values made selling and buying work so well?

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 🙄