Buying a used car on eBay motors or elsewhere on the net? As a rule used car junk heaps end up advertised on the net because nobody will buy one locally. Doc advises to have an internet car inspected. Otherwise what you receive may be a junk heap. 😥

I was somewhat bored and decided to visit eBay motors community forum. There was a topic where an eBay member bought an older car (1992 Something) he didn’t specify what.

Junk Car Being Transported To New Owner
Junk car being transported. Not the vehicle discussed in our article

The buyer admitted he did not have the car inspected first and took responsibility for it. But when the car arrived their was major mechanical faults with it. From what i read the car was a heap of garbage waiting on some sucker out of state to buy it without an inspection.

Remembering back in 1999 when i started selling cars on eBay it was trust and community values that made selling automobiles long distance work. Buyers could trust their sellers. eBay was a thriving community of good buyers and sellers doing business together. It’s really sad stories like this further cloud eBay’s reputation.

There are many good automobile deals on the internet. But a buyer must do some investigating before clicking the buy-now button. Verify the car has clean title. Then schedule an inspection to verify the vehicles condition. Don’t take the sellers word it’s in excellent condition. Google vehicle inspection and the zip code where the car is located. It’s better to spend a couple hundred dollars to verify the cars condition. Rather than wind up like our article source junk car buyer.

I’ve created this narrated screen video talking about this transaction. I also brag a little about my feedback from the good old eBay motors days.