Just how easy is it to find a transfer case for a range rover with eBay’s My Garage? During a random eBay keyword search, Doc happened upon this article published by C|net. An editor had purchased a 1992 Land Rover Range Rover on eBay Motors. 🙄

eBay My Garage Range Rover Transfer Case
My adventure searching eBay Motors garage for a Range Rover transfer case

It was lengthily and well written and was a pleasure to read. Reading how he sniped the rover with only seconds remaining brought back thoughts of the good old days. And the Red land rover with black wheels and brush guards looked exceptionally good for it’s age.

Further down the article there was an animated gif of the range rover coming off the transport truck. But above that there was this small tidbit that would be easy to miss if you quickly scrolled through the page.

The engine, transmission and brakes were all in good shape. However, I opted to replace the transfer case and smaller things like the aluminum door handles.

Apparently there was a defect in the range rover’s transfer case. The transfer case is an expensive major component of the 4×4 system. So Doc decided for chits and giggles to motor over to eBay motors and see what transfer cases were selling for.

The eBay Motors My Garage experience began. Upon going direct to motors (ebay.com/motors) i clicked on parts and accessories. Then selected find parts for my vehicle. I was then prompted to enter my vehicle info which i entered the above range rover.

Just another eBay observation – below is my experience in narrated screen video.