CBS Affiliate WHNT News 19 warns consumers to be aware of ‘mobile dent repair scams’ in this article. WHNT quoted an old 2015 article from KomoNews.

Paintless Dent Repair
A PDR Technician removes a minor dent from a car door using special tools.

Maybe CBS Affiliate WHNT News should have researched the paintless dent repair (PDR) industry first before embarrassing themselves. 😆

Being a former used car dealer i know the PDR business well. It’s common for pdr techs to work out of a van or truck. They keep their specialty tools as a rule on a cart.

PDR Tools On Moveable Cart
An example of pdr tools as kept on a cart. Techs go from car-lot to car-lot earning good incomes.

Good PDR techs can earn many hundreds daily. They travel from car-lot to car-lot removing dents from traded in used cars. Being a mobile pdr tech cuts out the large overhead of a repair facility. On top of the low overhead – dealers do not have to take their cars to the repair facility.

Never paint a panel to remove a minor dent!  Techs can also remove hail damage too. I’ve witnessed what paintless dent removal techs can do. It’s amazing!

As far as cruising parking lots looking for work goes – why not. If your just starting out in your own business after finishing training, buying the tools needed etc, this is a good way to generate revenue. And the old saying CASH is KING still rules!

The moral of this story is: Got a minor ding or parking lot dent in your car? Use your smartphone (location enabled) search for ‘paintless dent repair’ to find a mobile tech that will come to your home or office.

Oh well.. As Usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😉