According to this eBay store owner a Webinterpret promotional link offered assistance reaching buyers in international markets. The seller clicked it to learn what it was about – but claims he did not sign up for the offering. Maybe just clicking the link while being signed into his sellers account opted him in for their services? 🙁

Webinterpret hacked my ebay account
Store owners nightmare after clicking on an eBay promotional link.

From the eBay stores community forum: Webinterpret hacked into my ebay account. They duplicated all of my listings 4-6 times each listing. My usual 200 live listings became over 1200 listings. Each listing was specific to an ebay international website (au, uk, ca, de, etc.). They basically duplicated my inventory quantity as well… obviously I don’t have that much inventory to cover it. Beware, this is on ebay’s Main Seller Hub page that ebay is advertising.

I called my ebay concierge and after a few hours of asking around and researching, he called me back and said the company has been with ebay since 2011. They shouldn’t have access to your account without your signing up, authorizing, generating a token, etc. I told him I did none of that and the agent was confused on how the company was able to hack into my account like that.

The agent helped me remove the duplicate listings manually (took awhile) and revoked any access from that company to my account. I checked and it appears many ebay members (dated as far back as 4 years) had the exact same thing happen to them. Only to find months later the company hacks back into their accounts doing the same thing sometimes even billing them. Ebay says they will check on it, but then again this problem has been around for at least 4 years now and ebay hasn’t done anything about it. Further info is here.