eBay PayPal Checkout Glitch 04/04/2012 System Announcement Pulled NotificationThe net was buzzing late Wednesday afternoon about eBay buyers not being able to pay with PayPal. Some were able to log into their PayPal accounts directly, but were not able to pay for eBay items won.

EcommerceBytes published this announcement on their blog: eBay buyers are having problems paying for items through PayPal, and sellers are reporting problems with payment status on their transactions. eBay posted a rare notice on its Systems Announcement Board, stating. read the rest of the EB article here

Anyhoo.. It appears that after the problem was corrected eBay pulled it’s announcement. Of course as things of this nature go, I was unable to run down a screen shot of that announcement that went poof on eBay’s system announcement board.

All that is left as of this posting is a Google cache of the announcement in it’s index, but no cache of the actual announcement itself. This however is proof that eBay did indeed make that announcement of PayPal having checkout problems connecting to eBay or the reverse.

But the big question is, how many sellers with Buy-Now Immediate Payment Required listings were denied a sale because potential buyers were unable to complete payment because PayPal eBay checkout was down?

Knowing eBay as well as i do, I’m sure they pulled that announcement so sellers would not know the details about the glitch or how long it lasted, which according to a commenter on EB article was still ongoing at 11:30 EST.

We all know that the majority of buyers will buy elsewhere if the product is unavailable at their first choice of shop. 🙄

Cache Of Deleted eBay Checkout PayPal Glitch Announcement 04/04/2012
Cache Of Deleted eBay Checkout PayPal Glitch Announcement 04/04/2012