In the used car business it’s often said. Theirs an ASS for every seat! Using gift card’s to buy used cars is a certain scam, you will lose your money! After nearly 14 Years this website has warned consumers of used car scams.. but.. 🙁

Good people looking for that extra special good deal fall victim to fraud every day!

Car Scam Using Gift Cards
If the listed price is unrealistically low expect a scam looking for a sucker to swallow the sucker bait hook line and sinker.

So apparently this dude swallowed the sucker bait and is asking if he can get his money back. Buying used cars with eBay gift cards is a scam! We’ve seen so much of this kind of fraud over the years, and doubt it will ever end. It’s the lure of getting something nearly for nothing that snares suckers every time.

Kind of like the classic Miami Vice theme song by Glenn Frey, Smugglers Blues. It’s the lure of easy money that busts em every time.

So the moral of this one is, don’t be a sucker. You will never get that seat to plop your ass in. Read our used car buying and selling guide before buying online.