Would you buy a supposedly Reconditioned / Rebuilt Airbag (SRS) for your car? Personally Doc has not heard that term used for srs systems before. Used should be OK as many car dealers rebuilding wrecks often buy used.

So there is a seller on eBay selling Reconditioned BMW M3 steering wheels. Seller states his steering wheels leather has been reconditioned. Seller does not state the included airbag is reconditioned. Buyer receives steering wheel but claims the airbag is junk, setting off this interesting motors forum discussion.

Hello all! Have to write here because I did buy a reconditioned BMW M steering wheel with an Airbag from Romania. Seemed like a really trustworthy seller with ~1500 feedback’s and 99.8%. The steering wheel was really nice quality job, but the airbag is totally different thing.

Reconditioned BMW M3 steering wheel with srs air bag
BMW M3 reconditioned steering wheel with included SRS air bag sold on eBay

I got suspicious when I saw small cracks on the airbag cover, so I took the cover off(small clips, no need to break anything) and the bag itself was like an old potato sack. It was squeeze in under the cover, not nicely folded like from factory, it was dirty, and on the inside was debris and trash an from explosion.

Photo from the sellers listing clearly shows new thread stitching the leather to the steering wheel, and the wheel itself looks great. Seller has since added a disclaimer saying the included airbag is FREE.

This auction is for a bmw e90 e92 e93 e81 e87 M steering wheel reconditioned complete with controls and airbag. The price is only for steering wheel and srs bag is gift (free.) This steering wheel is reconditioned with a quality nappa leather. Fully functional and really new condition.

I’d side with the seller on this one, as the steering wheel is apparently in new condition. When selling online it’s most important to describe an item accurately, including included components, so a buyer knows exactly what he / she is receiving.