After taking a drive over to eBay Motors community forum, this topic caught my eye. Mileage of Vehicle not Displayed in Search Results Any More. Doc read the topic and decided to do a comparison between eBay and CarGurus.

Recently Ebay removed the mileage of a vehicle from the search results page so now you have to go into the actual listing to see the mileage. When Ebay doesn’t enforce accurate mileage in listings and will allow listings of used vehicles of 0, you now literally have 100s of listings to filter through until you find vehicles that actually have mileage less than the filter you set. Please fix one or the other – enforce accurate mileage or put the mileage back on the search results page so you can skip past all the people who lie and put a mileage of 0. You report the sellers who list as 0, Ebay never does anything to them because the same sellers show up time and time again.

eBay did remove the mileage from their vehicle search summary. It’s obviously still very apparent after all these years, eBay still knows nothing about the car business!

eBay Motors Vehicle Search Summary
Screenshot of a random eBay motor vehicle search summary page. Results do not show vehicle mileage.

Considering these days listings are database driven, producing search results on vehicles the mileage should be a mandatory field. But apparently not on eBay.. 😆

Here we have a listing search summary report from CarGurus. Wow now that’s a great example how a motor vehicle listing should look. Obviously judging from their name “CarGurusthey know the car business.

CarGurus Vehicle Summary Listing
CarGurus informative vehicle search summary page. Mileage is clearly stated on each vehicle.

It’s painfully clear eBay still after all these years, just don’t Get It. Motors listing fees are way too expensive for what car dealers get. $50 per car plus listing upgrades is a joke. The back-end money (FVF – TSV) dried up years ago, so eBay gets all their fees up front like other automotive classifieds.

If you’re a private seller eBay gives ya 6 FREE car listings, plus upgrades, photo-pack, reserve, featured search placement, etc. But there’s a chance you will wind up with a Deadbeat Bidder or Buyer. eBay sees this as $uccessful $ale and their till rings up an average $125 fee. If that’s the case, you can relist your car. Are you feeling lucky? The old saying, the house always wins comes to mind! 😆

Example CarGurus Vehicle Listing
Example CarGurus partial vehicle listing page. Well laid out listing with prospective buyer contact form.

It’s a fact that CarGurus is kicking all the other vehicle classified websites butt. Doc knows several dealers that list on CarGurus and they love em!

Doc sez.. Tell the eBay Motors pay toilet to stick it!

Update 05/18/18: It appears vehicle mileage has returned to search. This eBay search anomaly was 1st mentioned on 08/24/2017 on their motors forum linked in our 1st paragraph. Possibly Doc blogging about motors vehicle mileage motivated it’s correction.

Maybe eBay pays attention to blogs like Seeking Alpha where Doc added this comment.

eBay Motors Comment on
Doc commented on eBay vehicle mileage snafu on this seeking alpha blog post.

Meanwhile as of this update and are returning dns errors that Doc blogged about on 05/08/18. There are oodles of seo backlinks pointing to those subdomains.

Any decent webmaster knows – closing the dealerships showroom entrance and forcing car shoppers to use the service department entrance is a huge no-no. In SEO there are wildcard 301 redirects. should wildcard 301 redirect any incoming queries to motors new home page ( What are they thinking?