Another lengthy eBay motors community discussion about selling vintage new old stock (NOS) auto parts. The sentiment here is that sales are poor and some say are non-existent. Today’s post is – what happened to eBay? 🙁

Collector Car Enthusiasts At Swap Meet
Collector car enthusiasts congregate at a swap meet event buying and selling nos and rare used auto parts.

eBay Motors used to be the number one place to sell just about anything. It was the best place to find nos and collector car parts. The site has done a 360 turnaround where sellers are going back to swap meets to peddle their parts.

From this motors forum topic: WHY is eBay no longer a place to sell vintage car parts?
I have had my seller account since 1999. I sell vintage, difficult-to-find NOS, and used, auto restoration parts… Nothing is reproduction, and they are parts, one cannot find, just anywhere. (ergo, I don’t deal in ’55-’57 Chevy parts.) I realize my seller niche does not enjoy the ebay bidding fire, of years past… But in the last 18 months, my sales ON EBAY have flat-lined. However, my swap meet sales are still great, and continue to rise every year. Several years back, I learned THAT is the place to take the “good stuff”…As, it would seem, that eBay bidders/buyers have come to be *cheap*, for what ever reason. Now, I like a good deal, like anyone…But I’m also a realist. Low-ball offers (even on non-OBO listings). A bidder may feel his car is worth multiple $1,000’s…But heaven forbid, they should spend $30.00 for a rare, not-reproduced emblem for it. None of us sell on eBay, for our health. But one cannot have crazy prices either. What has sales traffic been for you other vintage auto parts sellers?

Some say the search is messed up. Others say the site is too difficult to use. This forum topic has 58 replies and is worth reading if you’re a collector car enthusiast. What are your thoughts? Comment below.