This eBay Motors buyer claims he is the victim of a recent car scam. Buyer says the Mercedes C220 was listed on the motors site where fraudsters used fake PayPal chat to defraud him.

Fake PayPal Live Chat Defrauds Car Buyer
The old eBay / PayPal fake live support chat is still defrauding consumers in 2018.

This is nothing new. has been warning consumers to beware of fraud on big ticket items since 2004. We reported on eBay and PayPal fake live customer support chat-rooms nearly a decade ago. Not much has changed! 🙁

As Doc has said more times than he can remember over the years, eBay should verify new motor vehicle sellers. It’s just too easy for a fraudster to set up a new sellers account and rip someone off. eBay proves once again their fees are more important than a buyers security. It’s common for suspended sellers to register new accounts.

From eBay Motors community forum:

in December 2017, i was the victim of a fraud, thinking i had bought a Mercedes 220. i was guided through a fake PayPal live chat and lost nearly £5000. today, 21/1/17 i saw the same car (same pictures, same description etc) so i reported it to eBay. it looks like it was then taken off the listing. Several hours later IT’S RELISTED different user name and location, but the same car!

Ebay are quick to use their get out clause when it comes to claiming, but it seems cannot stop these crooks ripping people off. surely they have the technology to recognize identical photographs and descriptions?

These days it’s up to used motor vehicle buyers to verify the listing is legitimate. And verify the the seller owns the vehicle and has valid title. Have the vehicle inspected before sending payment. Read Doc’s car buying guide for further information.